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Mackay, Clarence H., Papers of, Jan 1, 1921 - Dec 8, 1938

Memos and letters of Clarence H. Mackay, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the New York Philharmonic Society from 1922 to 1938, re all aspects of operations of the New York Philharmonic Orchestra; Merger of National Symphony and Philharmonic Society of New York in 1921; Report by Clarence H. Mackay (CHM), Chairman of the Philharmonic Society, November 1924, on the state of the orchestra and engagement of Arturo Toscanini as Conductor of the Philharmonic beginning in the 1927-28 season; Correspondence on confiscation of Passport of Arturo Toscanini in Italy, 1931; Award of Gold Medal of National Institute of Social Sciences to CHM; Problems of tickets for Toscanini concerts; Letter of Orchestra Manager Arthur Judson (AJ) to CHM regarding pay level of key orchestra members, March 1927; Gift from Fredric Juilliard; Recordings with Willem Mengelberg; Planning for 1930 European Tour led by Toscanini; Tour surplus; Financial statement for the European tour; Report on finances, conductors, soloists and orchestra members, season 1928-29; LS-Maurice Van Praag, re changes in orchestra personnel, 1931; Appointment of Hans Lange as Assistant Conductor; Arrangements for concerts in Washington, D.C.; Contribution for extra rehearsal from Mrs. Christian R. Holmes; World premiere of new work by Ottorino Respighi conducted by the composer; Five year agreement with CBS for live broadcasts of Philharmonic concerts, September 1931; Deficit on solo recital by Alfred Wallenstein, principal cello; Proposal in 1931 for South American tour under Leopold Stokowski, which did not take place; Feb 1931 correspondence about sacking and hiring musicians for the Philharmonic; Problems of Toscanini with his arm, 1932; Conductor's salaries, 1933; Proposal for "Carnegie Hall Pops" concerts; Attempts to bring Toscanini to Buenos Aires for concerts; Deficits in depression years and plans to reduce them; Financial situation March 1937; Death of Clarence H. Mackay, 16 November 1938.
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Mackay, Clarence H., Papers of, 1 Jan 1921 - 8 Dec 1938, Folder 005-03-01, Board of Directors Records, New York Philharmonic Shelby White & Leon Levy Digital Archives.