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1961-62 Scrapbook, Volume I (Part 1 of 2), Sep 1, 1961 - Aug 31, 1962

Parts 1-2 of this scrapbook include: - Bernstein's "West Side Story", raving reviews, highly acclaimed musical - Philharmonic discussing Tour to USSR - Metropolitan Opera celebrates it's 77th opening. - Leonard Bernsteins third child, his daughter, is born. - "West Side Story" wins Oscar for Best Film - Bernstein walks out of cafe because they denied his negro friend service - Jan Meyerowitz's opera, "The Barrier" is revived. - Bernstein in Japan - New York Philharmonic Orchestra has gone on a strike, demanding a pay increase
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  • Leon Levy Foundation
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1961-62 Scrapbook, Volume I (Part 1 of 2), 1 Sep 1961 - 31 Aug 1962, Folder 555-085-01, Communications/Public Relations Records, New York Philharmonic Leon Levy Digital Archives.

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