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Moseley: Chronological File, May 1, 1963 - Jun 14, 1963

LS - Carlos Moseley; LS - Alice de Berry; LS - David M. Keiser; Several letters "Dictated by Mr. Moseley and signed in his absence."; Correspondence regarding: Vacancy inquiries; Sudden death of Nathan Prager and pension payment to his widow; Complaints; Ticket requests; Letters of thanks to donors; Bernstein sabbatical; Out of town appearances; Invitations to opening of promenade concerts; Bernstein's selections for U.S. tour; Newspaper strike; Distribution of opening night tickets to Promenade Concerts; Letter to Tom M. Johnson describing a Mr. Milton Seaman who "raised some hell" when he was unable to pick up tickets at a closed box office; Letter to Mr. Thomas De Gaetani outlining major complaints about Philharmonic Hall; Problem with sound from Green Room carrying to Bernstein's studio; Moseley Safari; Royalties from record sales; Termination of CBS Radio broadcasts; chairs used on the stage at Philharmonic Hall.
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Moseley: Chronological File, 1 May 1963 - 14 Jun 1963, Folder 007-03-11, Executive Records, New York Philharmonic Leon Levy Digital Archives.