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Rodzinski, Artur: Program Planning, Sep 30, 1946 - Feb 10, 1947

ALS-Artur Rodzinski, ALS-Bruno Zirato, LS-Bruno Zirato. Management/Orchestra/Union Relations; Artur Rodzinski Earnings; Tour Programs; Correspondence with Chicago Symphony; Conflict with violist Joseph Vieland concerning outbursts during rehearsals; Rodzinski voices frusration over Leonard Bernstein's "all-Stravinsky program"; Engagements of Virgil Thomson and Italo Montemezzi, as guest conductors; NY Philharmonic considering possible European tour for US Army.
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Rodzinski, Artur: Program Planning, 30 Sep 1946 - 10 Feb 1947, Folder 011-01-65, Music Director/Conductors Records, New York Philharmonic Leon Levy Digital Archives.