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Commission on Human Rights Commission: General Information 1968-69, Oct 22, 1966 - Dec 3, 1969

Draft of Qualification and Background questions for Leonard Bernstein; Substitute resumes and background information; Engagement records for substitutes and extras 1968-1969; Orchestra personnel list, 1967-68; Survey on auditions, 1966-1969; Transcript for "Hearings on Philharmonic Color Bias" interview with Leonard Bernstein and three reporters; Copy of hand-written letter from Earl Madison to NY Philharmonic; Information on first female orchestra members Orin O'Brien and Evangeline Benedetti; Resume of Arthur Davis; NY Philharmonic "Analysis of Weekly Salary Rates 1962-1970 String Section"; Draft order from Human Rights Commission that NY Philharmonic should not offer pernanent employment to fill vacancies in cello and bass sections of orchestra until hearings are complete.. Also, hand-written note stating that this order was "highly improper."; Commission on Human Rights news release; "You Can't Make Music Without Black Notes", statement submitted by Concerned Musicians Association; NY Philharmonic draft "A Statement of Principles" by Amyas Ames; List of African-American artists who performed with NY Philharmonic; Human Rights Commission subpoenas; NY Philharmonic confidential memo outlining plans to integrate staff and board through "affirmative efforts"; "Philharmonicsville (pop. 106", New York Times Magazine article by Donal Henahan; Professional record of Orin O'Brien
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Commission on Human Rights Commission: General Information 1968-69, 22 Oct 1966 - 3 Dec 1969, Folder 013-01-28, Executive Records, New York Philharmonic Leon Levy Digital Archives.