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7164 - 111
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  • Schott & Co., London
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  • ML771
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  • Leon Levy Foundation
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  • The Archives has digitized three scores of Siegfried’s Rhine Journey: MS 8245 (Toscanini’s personal copy, which is a Photostat copy of a marked manuscript handwritten by an unknown librarian, with additional original pencil markings)^ MS 7161 (a printed score from B. Schott’s Söhne)^ and MS 7167^ and a score transcribed by Philharmonic librarian Henry Boewig that contains an ending by Anton Seidl. The Archives also has two sets of parts, MP 7161, and MP 7164. Both sets appear to have been used in conjunction with all three scores.
    The Toscanini score has extra sections that the other two scores cut out^ for example, pages 7 to 15 of the MS_8245 score are unique to that score. The Toscanini score also contains some handwritten edits and newly written parts, most notably for the trombone, that are referenced by cut out inserts in the MP 7161-112 parts. The MP 7161 and MP 7164 parts also contain inserted pages of the unique music only found in the MS 8245 score. Both also contain handwritten harp parts. Between the two sets of parts, MP 7161 seems to retain more of the specific markings from the Toscanini score, whereas MP 7164 has many of the specific markings crossed out and replaced. These new markings were most likely edited out by John Barbirolli, to whom these parts are attributed.
    Toscanini conducted this work many times as music director until 1936. When John Barbirolli joined in 1936 he conducted it ten times, the last being in 1941. Toscanini then returned to conduct the work in 1942 and 1944, which probably adds to the discrepancies between parts and scores.

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