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Pulitzer, Joseph: Bequest, Dec 22, 1911 - Oct 18, 1957

ALS-Mary Sheldon; ALS-Felix F. Leifels; LS-E.B. Lewis; LS-Louden Charlton. Bequest of \$500,000 to NY Philharmonic as permanent fund and additional \$500,000 gift; Last Will and Testament of Joseph Pulitzer; Conditions of bequest include reduced ticket rates, independence, formation of membership corporation representing public, revision of By-Laws and recognition of Beethoven, Wagner and Lizst as favorite composers of Pulitzer; Copy of meeting minutes from March 16, 1912; Copy of revised By-Laws of NY Philharmonic; Pulitzer Fund financial statements from 1913-1922; Efforts to keep \$500,000 miniumum of bequest in tact; Concerts and Articles on 100th Anniversary of Pulitzer's birth; Pulitzer Music Committee; NY Philharmonic "Pulitzer Box";1913 loan contract with Pulitzer bequest as collateral for \$30, 000.
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  • Leon Levy Foundation
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Pulitzer, Joseph: Bequest, 22 Dec 1911 - 18 Oct 1957, Folder 004-11-41, Development Records, New York Philharmonic Leon Levy Digital Archives.