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Bernstein, Leonard, Planning Papers of, Oct 4, 1956 - Aug 13, 1963

ALS-Elezar de Carvalho; LS- Melvin Stecher; LS- Kurt Stone; LS- Edgard Feder; LS- J. Montgomery Curtis; LS- Mrs. C. Arthur Bullock; LS- C.D. Jackson; LS- Paul Chancellor; LS- David Gordon; LS- Edward Polochich; ALS-Teu Eleazer; ALS- Mrs. John C Baley; Russell E. Brooks; LS- Emily Coleman; LS- Robert E. Kenyon; LS- Maurice Van Praag; New Studio for Leonard Bernstein; Changes in Orchestra Personnel; Concert Programs 1958-1962; Miscellaneous activities of Leonard Bernstein; Offer of first performance of Concerto for Two Pianos and Orchestra by Walter Piston; Two-piano team of Stecher and Horowitz
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Bernstein, Leonard, Planning Papers of, 4 Oct 1956 - 13 Aug 1963, Folder 009-04-14, Music Director/Conductors Records, New York Philharmonic Leon Levy Digital Archives.