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Rodzinski Correspondence, Feb 4, 1947 - Apr 26, 1947

Numerous lertters from many subscribers and musicians in support of stand of Artur Rodzinski (AR) against Orchestra Manager Arthur Judson (AJ) and the Philharmonic Board of Directors following Rodzinski's dismissal as Musical Director of the New York Philharmonic; LS-Douglas Moore, in support of actions of AR; Letters and telegrams from many subscribers and musicians in support of AR's position against the management of the New York Philharmonic, wishing him well in his new position as Musical Director of the Chicago Symphony; LS-Virgil Thomson; LS-Mel Adams; LS-Bernard Wagenaar; LS-Max Goberman; Handwritten letter to AR from subscriber Aimee C. Toler, now 86, who has held the same seat for Friday afternoon concerts since 1918 and was first taken to the Philharmonic in 1868 (pp 68-70); many letters lamenting the loss of Maestro Rodzinski and the conflicting roles of AJ at the Philharmonic and Columbia Concerts; Replies from AR to letters
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Rodzinski Correspondence, 4 Feb 1947 - 26 Apr 1947, Folder 1078-01-12, Music Director/Conductors Records, New York Philharmonic Leon Levy Digital Archives.

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