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Board of Directors Committee Minutes, Nov 21, 1944 - Nov 21, 1944

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Severance allowances paid to musicians. Reluctant approval of additional expenditure for soloists and choruses engaged by Music Director Artur Rodzinski. Objection to "national programs" that become political functions by enlistment of diplomats or national groups, as done by Rodzinski against the policy of the Society. Request from Rodzinsk to increase the size of the orchestra to 104 or 105 was denied. Increase in salaries to members of the orchestra approved by War Labor Board; Excessive expenditures for soloists and choruses.
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Board of Directors Committee Minutes, 21 Nov 1944 - 21 Nov 1944, Folder 606-01-02, Board of Directors Records, New York Philharmonic Shelby White & Leon Levy Digital Archives.