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Council on Educational Programs, Nov 27, 1964 - Jan 12, 1967

ALS - Mark Schubart; ALS - James R. Bjorge; LS - Carlos Moseley; LS - Constantine G. Vasiliadis; LS - Mark Schubart; LS - Edith M. Laird; Minutes and agendas of Council on Educational Programs; Formation of Council; Lincoln Center Student Program; Receipt for Girl Scout cookies; Proposals for new activites; Program statistics; Instructions for schools; Future meetings; Documentary about performing arts; Formation of Lincoln Center Teacher Institute; Article from Saturday Review regarding Title III and Student Program; Conference for Librarians; "Application to Establish, Operate and Mainain Supplementary Educational Services"; Incorporation of film into program; Feedback from the "Observers" on performances; Teacher's Guide to Lincoln Center; Proposal for television series.
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