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1901 Jul 18 / Young People's Concert / Damrosch

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  • Jul 18, 1901 / 2:00PM / Young People's Concert / Willow Grove Park / Philadelphia, PA
Children's Festival
Part I: 2pm
Distribution of Flags to Children.
After the singing is over seats will be reserved for the children, at which time each Child will receive a beautiful Silver Medal with a profile picture of Mr. Damrosch on one side, and the year of the festival on the other.
A fine display of DAY FIREWORKS will be set off after the distribution of the medals; an dthe children wil lbe allowed to run over the lawns and enjoy themselves. The display of Fireworks will take place up by the Chutes.
AMUSEMENTS FREE. All amusements in the Park, with the exception of boats, will be free to the children between the hours of 11 o'clock and 1 o'clock.
Part II: 4:30pm

(REHEARSAL. All children wishing to take part in the afternoon festival must assemble at the Band Stand 10.30am sharp, at which time Mr. Damrosch, with Orchestra, will be present and direct the singing. The Chorus will be assisted by Mrs. Meacham, Miss Farrell, Miss Homan, Miss Gildersleeve. All children will assemble at the Band Stand at 1.45 o'clock sharp for the afternoon concert.)
Project Funder
  • Leon Levy Foundation
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Concert program, 18 Jul 1901, Program ID 10553, New York Philharmonic Shelby White & Leon Levy Digital Archives.