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American Symphony Orchestra League: Workshop Week, Nov 29, 1963 - Jul 15, 1966

ALS-Betty D. Gimmi; ALS-Helen Thompson; ALS-John B. Hightower; ALS-William Steinberg; ALS-Carlos Moseley; ALS-Mrs. Fitzgerald Parker (Sally Parker); ALS-Bob Kreis; ALS-William Maynard; ALS-Joseph Henry; ALS-John M. Adams; ALS-Stephen Simon; ALS-Ray Lysak; ALS-Paula W. Kabnick; ALS-Eileen Rees; LS-Mark Schubart; LS-Helen Thompson; LS-John B. Hightower; LS-Carlos Moseley; Plans of New York Philharmonic Conductors and Orchestral Seminar; Notes to Helen Thompson from female members of orchestra societies who attended the seminar.
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American Symphony Orchestra League: Workshop Week, 29 Nov 1963 - 15 Jul 1966, Folder 009-03-12, Executive Records, New York Philharmonic Leon Levy Digital Archives.