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Executive Committee Minutes, Nov 18, 1953 - Nov 18, 1953

Includes complaints that Principals do not play in all numbers at the concerts. resolution passed that the Society opposes this policy; report of gift from the estate of Katharine S. Havemeyer; Resolutions creating a Common Investment Fund consisting of all separate funds of the Society; income from Steinway Centennial Concert; possible engagement of John Barbirolli in February 1954; authorization for Verdi's "Requiem" under Cantelli, Mozart "Requiem" under Walter, and another choral work under Mitropoulos; recommendation of \$40,000 for soloists and special works for 1954-55; allocation of gifts to Student Ticket Fund; discussion of sponsorship of radio broadcasts; discussion of problems relating to the Estate of the late Charles Triller; reports on subscriptions, radio memberships and Friends' Fund; increases to be made in office salaries; report by Mr. Blair on meeting with other orchestra presidents; Possible engagement of John Barbirolli
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Executive Committee Minutes, 18 Nov 1953 - 18 Nov 1953, Folder 606-02-58, Board of Directors Records, New York Philharmonic Leon Levy Digital Archives.