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CBS Broadcasting 1948-49: Payroll, Programs and Timings, Speeches, Feb 16, 1948 - Apr 11, 1949

Zirato correspondence between NYP and CBS regarding payroll, expenses, programs and timings for Sunday radio broadcasts, 1948-49; broadcast intermission speeches; check stubs from CBS; LS-William S, Paley, CBS Chairman, to Arthur Judson; LS-Frank Stanton, CBS President, on timings of radio broadcasts; New labor agreement with orchestra and agreement between CBS and the Society, June and August 1948; LS-Jams Fassett, re timings of radio broadcasts; LS-Henry Grossman, CBS Director of Broadcast Operations, re acoustical issues at Carnegie Hall affecting radio broadcasts; Schedule of broadcast fees to conductors; LS-William Fineshriber, CBS Program Department; Proposal to film a rehearsal; Deems Taylor pitch for radio memberships; Performances of American music
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