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Council on Educational Programs, Nov 13, 1969 - Jun 8, 1972

ALS - Jane Remer; ALS - Mark Schubart; LS - Carlos Moseley; LS - Mark Schubart; Minutes from Council on Educational Programs regarding: Scheduling of future meetings; Resignation of Mrs. Harper Woodward as Chairman of Observer program; Educational activities in arts in various locations in and outside of New York; Teacher's Guide to Lincoln Center; Outreach to school districts in New York metro area; Appointment of Dr. Leon Thompson as Director of Educational Activities for New York Philharmonic; Study of Lincoln Center and Education; Construction of Martin Luther King High School and LaGuardia High School; Death of Mr. Benjamin Chancy; International University Choral Festival; Resource Professional programs; Retirement of John Gutman from Metropolitan Opera Association.
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  • Leon Levy Foundation
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Council on Educational Programs, 13 Nov 1969 - 8 Jun 1972, Folder 014-04-02, Board of Directors Records, New York Philharmonic Leon Levy Digital Archives.