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Pension Plan Booklet, Papers of the Board of Directors, Sep 17, 1963 - Aug 26, 1965

LS-Amyas Ames; ALS-William Rogers Herod; LS-Willam Rogers Herod; ALS-David Manning Keiser; LS-David Manning Keiser; LS-Carlos Moseley; ALS-G. Lauder Greenway. Documents pertaining to Board of Directors Meeting on 11 March 1965, which includes Printed Booklet on Pension Plan, 1963; List of Board Members and their Addresses; Severance and Severance benefits; List of changes to Pension Plan; Sever Press Release on New Board Members; List of New Orchestra Members; Correspondence on Rebuilding of Philharmonic Hall; Finacial Plan for 1965; Gregory Smith Invitation list; Promenade Concert for 1965.
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