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Board of Directors Minutes, Feb 13, 1947 - Feb 13, 1947

Acceptance of Bruno Walter for position of Musical Adviser for 1947-48, and statement to the press of the appointment. Discussion of European tour in connection with the Army of Occupation. Discussion of dispute with Artur Rodzinski regarding terms of a financial settlement. Committee appointed to study Rodzinski settlement. Questions raised concerned continued employment of Arthur Judson as Manager; Conductors for 1946-47 to replace Rodzinski; Letter from Artur Rodzinski; Publicity regarding Artur Rodzinski termination; Election of David M. Keiser to the board
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Board of Directors Minutes, 13 Feb 1947 - 13 Feb 1947, Folder 606-01-41, Board of Directors Records, New York Philharmonic Leon Levy Digital Archives.