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1959 Tour of Europe and the Near East Scrapbook (Part 1 of 2), Feb 27, 1959 - Oct 1, 1959

-Concert announcements and reviews during the 1959 Tour of Europe and the Near East -Chicago's Symphony announcement to cancel European tour -Seymour Lipkin engaged as associate to Bernstein for European tour -1959 European tour is longest in orchestra's history; Includes first-ever visits to 11 countries: Bulgaria, Finland, Holland, Lebanon, Luxembourg, Norway, Poland, Russia, Sweden, Turkey, and Yugoslavia -First National City Bank sells \$150,000 in travelers checks to the New York Philharmonic in preparation for the tour, one of the largest travelers checks sales on record -Bernstein celebrates his 41st birthday abroad -Moscow State Symphony orchestra makes plans for their U.S. debut tour -Pasternak, Boris attends performance in Moscow; greets Bernstein afterward -Bernstein greets Soviet composers Aram Khachaturian and Dimitri Shostakovich after a concert in Moscow -Bernstein presented with key to the city of New York by Mayor Robert F. Wagner -Soviet resentment over comments from Bernstein, following the tour, that Soviet composers are restricted in their musical work and avoid experimentation -Foreign press and translations from Greece, Lebanon, Turkey, Austria, Poland, Russia, Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg, France, Switzerland, Yugoslavia, Italy, Norway, Finland, Sweden, England, New Zealand, and the Philippines -Soviet Culture Officials attend Jazz Concert here
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1959 Tour of Europe and the Near East Scrapbook (Part 1 of 2), 27 Feb 1959 - 1 Oct 1959, Folder 555-079-01, Communications/Public Relations Records, New York Philharmonic Leon Levy Digital Archives.