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Executive Committee Minutes, Mar 17, 1953 - Mar 17, 1953

Increases in ticket prices approved; postponement of proposed Polo Ball; proposal to make President Eisenhower an Honorary Member was postponed indefinitely; Mrs. Luce granted a leave of absence from the Board; proposal to engage Guido Cantelli for a minimum of eight weeks beginning in 1954-55; attention drawn to conductor Rafael Kubelik; special severance pay granted to several retiring musicians; report on the status of contract negotiations with Local 802; reports on single sales, radio membership, Friends' Fund; suggestions for increasing audience attendance; Status of AGMA negotiations; recommendations from Ralph Colin on reorganization of the Young Peoples Concerts Committee as a Coordinating Committee for Music Education adopted (copy of memorandum attached to minutes)
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Executive Committee Minutes, 17 Mar 1953 - 17 Mar 1953, Folder 606-02-52, Board of Directors Records, New York Philharmonic Leon Levy Digital Archives.