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Bernstein, Leonard, Papers of, May 25, 1956 - Apr 12, 1957

Program planning, 1956-57; Life Magazine Article on Leonard Bernstein, "Busy Time for a Young Maestro", 7 Jan 1957; Program of "West Side Story"; Sharing of conducting of Philharmonic by Leonard Bernstein and Dimitri Mitropoulos; Schedule conflict of Leonard Bernstein between New York Philharmonic and Opening Concert in Mann Auditorium of Israel Philharmonic; Attempts by Frederick Mann to settle Bernstein conflict between New York Philharmonic and Israel Philharmonic; Performances of Handel's "Messiah"; ALS-Lazare Saminsky, Music Director of Temple Emanuel, to Bruno Zirato, regarding lack of response by Bernstein to letters regarding performances of Saminsky's music; LS-Coates, Helen
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