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Human Rights Commission Hearings: Decision and Order, Oct 29, 1970 - Oct 29, 1970

Decision and order by the New York City Human Rights Commission on complaints of Earl Madison and Arthur Davis against the New York Philharmonic; Carlos Moseley response to the decisions on behalf of the Orchestra. Commission concluded that the Philharmonic "had engaged in a pattern and practice of distrimination with respect to the hiring of substitutes and extra musicians," but there was "no discrimination on the part of the respondent [Philharmonic] against these complaintants with respect to their applications for permanent employment." The Philharmonic is ordered to submit Affirmative Action personnel report to Human Rights Commission within 60 days of date of order.
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Human Rights Commission Hearings: Decision and Order, 29 Oct 1970 - 29 Oct 1970, Folder 679-01-11, Executive Records, New York Philharmonic Leon Levy Digital Archives.

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