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Moseley, Carlos, Topics: S-W, Nov 12, 1958 - May 5, 1970

LS-Igor Markevitch; Discussions on the performance of Markevitch's "Icare" including a note of praise by Bela Bartok; Audience survey report assembled by Dutch sociologists of the Utrecht Symphony Orchestra audience; CBS Television press releases on New York Philharmonic television programs 1959-1961; including a translation of a 1959 script into Russian; Letters from Carlos Moseley to George Szell inviting him to participate in the proposed television series; Contract draft for the television agreement between the New York Philharmonic and CBS Television on the date of the CBS Radio contract expiration in September, 1963; CBS Television discussions of program timings and conductor fees for the 1963-64 programs; Correspondence regarding the presentation of the Sigma Alpha Iota Award to the New York Philharmonic Young People's Concerts for the Best Series category; Television broadcasts; Correspondence with Whitney Darrow regarding the drawing of a series of cartoons depicting bad audience behavior; Correspondence with Malcolm Sargent regarding his cancellation and illness; Discussions with Principal Trumpet Bill Vacchiano regarding the hiring of an associate principal trumpet
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Moseley, Carlos, Topics: S-W, 12 Nov 1958 - 5 May 1970, Folder 008-01-19, Executive Records, New York Philharmonic Leon Levy Digital Archives.