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Gifts: Funds and Stocks, Jun 30, 1942 - Jun 26, 1957

LS-Hull, Helen Huntington (nee Astor), LS-Floyd Blair, LS-Crosby T. Smith, LS-David M. Keiser, C.F. Piedmonte, LS-Louise Miller, LS-Rodman K. Tilt, LS-Fred Bell, LS-John W. Morgan, LS-Lottie V. Behrens, LS-Sidney D. Gamble, LS-F. Eberstadt; LS and ALS-Anne Bigelow Scholz; ALS-Jean P. Tilt; LS-Philip J. Orsi; LS-Russell Bourne; LS-David H. McAlpin; Memos and statements with NY Philharmonic bank account distribution information; Correspondence regarding contributions to the NYP
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  • Leon Levy Foundation
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Gifts: Funds and Stocks, 30 Jun 1942 - 26 Jun 1957, Folder 004-01-14, Development Records, New York Philharmonic Leon Levy Digital Archives.