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1925 Jul 14, 15 / Stadium Concert / Vaughn

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  • Stadium-NY Philharmonic
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  • Jul 14, 1925 / 8:30PM / Stadium Concert / Lewisohn Stadium / Manhattan, NY
  • Jul 15, 1925 / 8:30PM / Stadium Concert / Lewisohn Stadium / Manhattan, NY
From the program:

The Brahms waltz and the Liszt were performed together as one piece.

The middle section of the program (between the first and second intermissions) fall under the given category, "Divertissements."

It is unclear whether Cadman actually composed the pieces on this program. The Grove Dictionary of Music does not say that Cadman ever composed works with these names. Ms. St. Denis and Mr. Shawn most likely took other Cadman pieces, had them arranged for dance and gave them new titles. The same is true for the Valverde and the Jonas.

The three Cadman pieces are all organized into one general work.

is the Denishawn group's name for a dance whose musical accompaniment is the Granados No. 5.

The Granados, the Jonas, the Valverde and the Malaguena have all been arranged into one work to be danced to.

The last five pieces on the program are part of a larger dance work entitled , all of whose music is composed by Johann, Josef and Edward Strauss.
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