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1945-46 Scrapbook (Part 1 of 4), Jun 2, 1945 - Dec 4, 1945

- Charles Triller elected chairman of the board of directors of the Philharmonic-Symphony Society, replacing Marshall Field who retains his position as President of the society - Bruno Zirato speaks about his time as private secratary to Enrico Caruso after Dorothy Caruso publishes a bestselling biography of her late-husband - Philharmonic broadcasts "Request of the Troops" concerts over CBS and the Armed Forces Radio Service. The program is comprised of selections made by men and women fighting overseas - Columbia releases a 6 record set of Artur Rodzinski conducting the Philharmonic in Rachmaninoff's Symphony No. 2 in E minor - Members of the New York Philharmonic plan their first summer vacation in three years - Gershwin's compositions lead at Columbia Records, including An American in Paris, played by the New York Philharmonic with Artur Rodzinski conducting - Letter from Carlos Moseley to Dorle Jarmel regarding publications on the Philharmonic being sent to Brussels for an exhibit on American books and publications - New York Philharmonic-Symphony Society named favorite symphony orchestra in Musical America's second annual radio poll for its readers; Rodzinski third in favorite symphony conductor - Summary of the 1944-45 subscription season - Philharmonic seds a second check of \$1,000 to Jean Sibelius, who is in difficult circumstances due to the war - Extra concert scheduled after the close of the regular stadium season in order to help cut the defecit. Grace Moore returns at the request of Mayor LaGuardia. The mayor conducts "Stars and Stripes Forecer" as the final number on the program - Two chamber concerts scheduled for February 1946 for the benefit of the Orchestra's Pension Fund - Columbia releases recording of Saint-Saens' Piano Concerto No. 4 played by the New York Philharmonic, featuring Robert Casadesus, and conducted by Rodzinski - Plans for the performance of the entire third act of Wagner's Die Walkure presented in concert form - Rodzinski conducts opening concert of the society's 104th season - Preview of Columbia Masterworks' planned releases for the fall of 1945 - Ballet Russe opens - Recording of Wagner's "Tristan and Isolde" featuring Helen Traubel, with the New York Philharmonic - New orchestral version of Aaron Copland's Appalachian Spring to be premiered by Artur Rodzinski and the Philharmonic-Society - Rodzinski as farmer - Attendance at Philharmonic grows - Funeral for John Fabrizio, former flute and piccolo player with the orchestra - Nadia Reisenberg is soloist on Dmitri Kabalevsky's Piano Concerto No. 2 - Leonard Rose, cellist, gives recital in his Town Hall debut - Correspondence re. new program posters on Philharmonic broadcasts from Columbia Masterworks Records - Miss America, Bess Myerson, plays piano for Artur Rodzinski prior to their appearance on CBS Stars in the Afternoon - Philharmonic musicians give an impromptu performance on 56th street in a musical salute to a large group of Navy soldiers waiting for march down sixth avenue as part of the formal dedication of the Avenue of the Americas - William Kapell is soloist on a Russian program which includes Tchaikovsky's Fifth Symphony - George Szell receives praise as guest conductor of the Philharmonic; Conducts all-Beethoven program with Claudio Arrau as soloist - Ganz, Rudolph Profile - Modern works presented by Rodzinski - Olin Downes interview with Paul Paray - Mrs. Henry M. Alexander, Obituary - Six new members joing the orchestra: Leonard Schaller, Maunel Zegler, Marcel Lannoye, William A. Namen, Robert F. Boyd, and Eugene Goltzer
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1945-46 Scrapbook (Part 1 of 4), 2 Jun 1945 - 4 Dec 1945, Folder 555-049-01, Communications/Public Relations Records, New York Philharmonic Shelby White & Leon Levy Digital Archives.